Metal Bunk Beds Have Many Advantages Over Single Frame Beds

Most of us have some fond memories of sleeping on bunk beds when we were children. Those bunk beds may have looked simple, but they could easily be converted to forts, hideouts, or just a place to chat with your brother or sister before going to sleep. Albeit, most parents don’t purchase bunk beds for their “fun” aspect. They usually have a stronger reasoning.

Bunk beds have several advantages, especially in a household with three or more children. It is those advantages that drive parents to purchase them. If you are a parent now whose family has gotten a little bigger, then you may be considering purchasing one as well. Let’s cover some of the benefits of owning a bunk bed as well as a brief guide for buying the right one.

Advantages Of Metal Bunk Beds

The most obvious advantage of purchasing a bunk bed is that it saves you a lot of space. This is extremely helpful if you live in an apartment. However, even in a decent-sized home, you can quickly run out of space if you are sitting beds one by another. It’s simply much more efficient to have the beds stacked on top of one another.

The only other alternative that could possibly save as much space is a bed with a second mattress beneath that can be pulled out. Those hideaway beds aren’t fun, comfortable, or entirely safe. You don’t want your kids locking each other beneath the bed every time they get angry. Bunk beds come with some safety risks as well, but those can be mitigated with safety features.Birlea Rhodes 3ft Single Metal Bunk Bed, Silver

Adding a bunk bed to a room makes a big difference. First, it means that two children now have their own bed. If you ever spent time sharing a bed with a sibling, then you probably remember how tedious that can be. Children need a little space and freedom at a certain age. Giving them their own beds is usually one of the first ways to achieve this.

Having separate beds can be advantageous to the parent as well. If you need to wake up one child in the night you don’t have to worry about waking up the other. This can be a big problem if you have children who have accidents at night.

It also means that a room can have two beds as well as space for other stuff. An average sized bedroom with two traditional beds side-by-side doesn’t have much room for anything else. There may be no room for a homework desk, or a dresser, or a place to play with toys. Some apartment bedrooms barely have room for a single bed as it is, much less two beds and personal belongings.

Even if you have the space at the moment, it’s still not a bad idea to start with a bunk bed. Most bunk beds can be easily separated into two separate beds once the time is right. Some children find it difficult when they first start sleeping in their own beds. Having a bunk bed may help them feel closer and ease through the transition period.

Another benefit of buying a bunk bed as briefly mentioned earlier, is that they can be a lot of fun. It only takes a couple of sheets to turn a bunk bed into a fort or castle. Some designer bunk beds come with accessories that make this transformation even more realistic. Beds may be for sleeping, but it’s always nice when kids can find a way to have fun without turning on the television.

Consider The Following When Choosing Your Metal Bunk Bed

The primary benefit of a bunk bed is space. Space should also be your first consideration when choosing a bed. Some of these beds can be fairly large. They may use standard mattress sizes, which means you could find yourself purchasing a bunk bed that’s larger than two separate beds. You must consider the length, width, and height of available space in the room and compare it to the specs of the bed.

Many modern bunk beds come in unusual shapes and sizes. There are even some with an L-shape or with extending accessories attached. These alterations must be taken into consideration when performing measurements.

White metal bunk beds with single size mattresses are an ideal selection. They are simple, affordable, and can usually fit in any room. The single size mattress is large enough for a single child. Or you may choose a bunk bed with a bottom mattress that is one size larger than the top. This is great if the two children have a significant gap in their age. Triple bunk beds are the most common option followed by single bunk beds.3ft Single Metal Bunk Bed with 2 3ft Mattresses Included

You also need to consider any additional features you would like to see on the bunk bed. For example, many modern bunk beds come with storage space and drawers. This is more common with wooden bunk beds, but there are some metal beds with storage space as well.

You may also find a bunk bed that doesn’t come with special features but has add-ons available for purchase from the manufacturer. This is a great option because it lets you pick and choose what additional features you want and remove them in the future if you ever choose to.

Safety First

Safety should be an extremely important consideration as well. The child sleeping on the top mattress is at a slight safety risk, but that risk is cut down if the bunk bed has the required safety features. You should consider high guard rails, hand rails on the ladder, headboard, and footboard all mandatory safety features.

Finally, don’t forget to teach your child about basic safety rules for using the bunk bed. With the above safety features, accidents only tend to happen when kids are pushing or playing too hard on the top bunk.

There are hundreds of unique bunk beds on the market today. However, don’t be afraid to stick with the classic white metal bunk bed. After all, bunk beds are usually outgrown in time. There’s no need to break the bank paying for something too fancy.